A Shining Example

Behind the Adopt x Mia Lee Collection

As professionals, the intersection of sport, athletes and culture serves as the foundation for our entire business model at Adopt. But as people, that intersection is also where we live and breathe, hope and dream. We know the power of sport and of athletes to not only change the game, but to change the conversation, and in turn, to change the world.

In the world of women’s sports, no light shines brighter—both as a reflection of past accomplishments and as a beacon of hope for the future—than women’s soccer. So, as we live through this historic summer we thought it a perfect time to celebrate the legacy of women’s soccer, and to champion the champions—women and girls at all levels of the game—who’ve moved, and who continue to move the game forward.

Partnering with multi-media creative artist and proud Chicago native Mia Lee, we’ve created a product collection that captures the look, energy, and spirit of the women’s soccer experience today - raw, striking and passionate.

We also wanted to channel the proceeds back into the game, so all profits from the sales of the Adopt x Mia Lee collection will benefit Street Soccer, USA, an organization focused on increasing youth participation in sport by removing financial barriers, with a focus on social impact. Street Soccer, USA delivers quality youth and young adult soccer programs that include trained coaches, equipment, social service coordinators, adult mentors and safe places to play for young people.

The complete Adopt x Mia Lee product collection is now available for purchase only in the Adopt Shop.